Friday, November 4, 2011

Updated reversal processing times for max density proceedure

FilmEISaturated BoraxHypo1st DeveloperTimeMax Dens
TMY4002 ml12 mlDektol 1:115 mins
TMY1002 mlDektol 1:115 mins2.68
Foma 100400Dektol 1:115 mins2.30
Foma 100100Dektol 1:112 mins2.30
Lucky SHD500Dektol 1:115 mins2.94

Based on developer volume of 150ml and single roll processing.

I am currently refining my Max Density proceedure. I will post it when it is complete.


  1. i want to know if tmax 100 got a suitable exposure with the time you've given? and what's the use of adding Borax? thanks a lot!!!

  2. I have not gotten around to using TMX yet, hence no times posted.

    The borax was used as a restrainer to limit the base fog a bit. I thought it might help films like TMX(Y) and ACROS a little more usable. Because I had to use such a string development, they produced images of extremely high contrast.

    It turns out that TMX(Y) and ACROS need much stronger bleach to make them usable. My guess would be 2-3 times stronger. I have not decided if making a super strong bleach is piratical for me, as I have so much of the other film that works well.

    It turns out that I do not need a premium negative film to get premium results. I am quite amazed on how well LuckySHD and Foma 100 works.