Saturday, June 12, 2010

WD2D+ Dev times

APX400                400       7m (tested)
Foma100               100       6m (tested)
Foma100               100       8m (drum,tested)
TX400                   400       6m 30s
HP5+                     400       7m 30s
LuckySHD 100      100       8m
LuckySHD 100      100       10m (drum,tested)
TMY                      400       8m
Neopan 400           400       8m (drum,tested)

These are my times, yours may differ.

For drum processing change the ratio to 2:1:100 from 1:1:50 (part b 1/2 of normal) to lower the base fog and reduce developer activity. The constant agitation will compensate and give you closer to the same dev times then doubling the part a.

'tested' means I have tested the density with an 18% grey card (external spot metered) and shot at rated speed, giving me .75 (or close enough) on my scanner. You may want to 'spot' check your own.

Mr. Wimberley suggests shooting at half box speed as the exposure latitude becomes greater. I agree.

You can look at the leader to find if you have too much or not enough stain.

For too much, decrease the 'B' until you have it in control. This will slow down the development so increase your dev time accordingly.

For not enough, increase the 'B' until you have it in control. This will make the developer more active so decrease the dev time accordingly.