Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A cheap and available fogging developer

With my reversal developing, it was always a pain-vs-gain decision for flashing or fogging developers.

The pain comes through post 911 crap with regards to obtaining simple photography chemicals without selling your soul. That said, I finally found a source of Stannous Chloride that was willing to ship to me. Considering I will only need .04 of a gram per dose, that 250g bottle is a lifetime supply. Oh well. I just have to wait until it gets here.

But this post is not about Stannous Chloride.

As usual, to find out anything google becomes my friend. While researching recipes, I came across several references to "Iron Out" as a fogging developer. WTF? Yep, $6 later at my local Canadian Tire store.. we have the stuff.

I did a quick test. I loaded up a foot of unexposed film (bulk loading has its uses) and put it in a tank. Put 1 tsp (loosely suggested amount elsewhere on the net and accurately measured) of this powder in 200ml of water and pour it in. I come back 5 mins later and I have one magic strip of blackness. Awesome!

No more abuse of me dancing with a film strip in front of a light bulb. ;)

Why this stuff works is because it contains a chemical called sodium hydrosulfite aka sodium dithionite. "Iron Out" comes in a varity of versions which do not have the same ingredients. You want the powder and it will state the ingredient on the "contains..." part of the label.


It would appear that it is a one shot. I used the same batch for a second roll, and my film came out blank.