Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I tried PC-TEA and think it is good enough to keep using. The problem is you really can't change the PH as the TEA is the alkali. I wanted something stronger to replace the Dektol I have been using in reversals and have the same keeping properties as PC-TEA.

PC-GLYCOL, as devised by the gadget man, did not contain any alkali. It just had the dev elements in Glycol. He suggested using an alkali 2nd part and mixing them at dev time. After doing some net reading, it looked like some others were experimenting with borax and lye. I had borax, but no lye. I did have tons of Sodium Metaborate, which is made from borax and lye. So I whipped up a batch as follows......

70 ml glycol (warm it up for better dissolving)
35 mg Phenidone
12 g Sodium Metaborate
10 g ascorbic acid
2 g potassium bromide (optional)

Top up with glycol for 100 ml solution

I will post results as soon as I can.

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